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FM & AM Radio & TV Stations for Sale.
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Radio Stations For Sale

Full Power FM & AM radio stations, Low Power FM radio stations and LPTV and TV stations are available for sale. These are real stations, not internet radio or webcasting. Many of these are Construction Permits (CP's - unbuilt radio stations) vs. Licensed Radio Stations (built and on the air). The CP stations for sale are ready to build, using economical cost effective studio's and equipment, many have towers or property already. We are not radio station brokers, we simply list these free of charge for our clients. Please review the listings by clicking on the blue "marker", and contact the email address given with each listing. You'll also note that many of these listings allow you to click on "coverage contour maps" and you can review the actual coverage contours of the stations or CP's.

View CLIENT Radio Stations for sale in a larger map

To look at any Radio Station or TV Station for sale listed on the map, please click on the map, or click on the "View Radio Stations for sale in a larger map" - just under the map. We are not Radio Station or TV Station Brokers, we list these for free for our many clients. Each of these Radio and TV stations are great, viable stations, ready to be built and operated, each in their own thriving market. Most often, these are being sold because the client has had a change in plans, or concentrating on other markets where they also have Radio or TV stations.

Maybe you have a radio or television station and need engineering work, rather than listing or buying a new radio or tv station? You're at the right place, please go to our Home page to get started.


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